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Physical intervention and CRB training is provided through the local authority co-ordinator. These courses provide participants with an insight into recent legislation and guidance that could impact on policy and practice as well as a range of physical and non-physical strategies to help manage the risks posed by children and young people's behaviour


Training includes ways of avoiding or defusing situations in which physical intervention might become necessary as well as methods of physical intervention. This is particularly important for staff who work closely with pupils with SEN and/or disabilities associated with extreme behaviour.

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These courses are appropriate for people with a wide range of weight, height, co-ordination, physical fitness and aptitude to learn. Any physical techniques taught do not rely on physical strength, but instead make use of the body’s own mechanics, positioning, proximity and posture.

However if you have any medical issues (a heart condition, chest complaint, back problem, diabetic, asthmatic, epileptic, are pregnant etc.) then it is your responsibility to consult with your GP and employer, who will be able to advise you accordingly with regard to the suitability of you completing the training programme.

Please also note that the learning of physical skills (when included) will, with your permission, necessitate close physical contact with other course participants and tutors. There is a strong emphasis given to a code of conduct, courtesy and sensitivity that is respectful to all. It is an expectation that this code shall be maintained and respected by all participants during the training. Course members who act outside of this code will be advised once and then will be asked to sit out and observe, or in some circumstances may be asked to leave the training all together.

Please ensure that you speak to the tutor before the start of training if you have any specific health concerns in the context of practical, physical activity. During the training you will need to ensure you wear suitable, comfortable clothing and soft shoes, and that you remove all watches and jewellery before physical training begins.

13 Jun 2019 09:00 - 15:30

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Coping with Risky Behaviours Training
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13 Jun 2019 09:00 - 15:30


Portland Conference Centre (MH / Main Hall), Birchover Road, Bilborough, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG8 4BW


Jon Glover
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