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Zippy's Friends and Apple's Friends Training

A social skills and coping skills intervention for primary-school children.


After attending this half-day training event, school staff will be able to deliver the Zippy's Friends and Apple's Friends programme to children in their school.


Zippy’s Friends is an internationally evaluated intervention designed to support Year 2 children to develop a range of appropriate coping strategies. Zippy’s Friends can be delivered to a whole class or as a targeted intervention. The training should be attended by the person identified to implement the intervention.
Attendance at this training is needed to buy the Zippy’s Friends Programme from Partnership for Children. The current cost of the packs are £325 plus postage (Zippy's Friends) and £250 plus postage (Apple's Friends) This is a one off cost and no further costs are involved once the materials have been purchased. For further details about Zippy’s Friends please visit:


Attendees will be trained to deliver the Zippy's Friends (KS1) and Apples Friends (KS2) programmes to children in their school. The 24-week programme covers the following topics
1. Feelings
2. Communication
3. Making and breaking relationships
4. Conflict resolution
5. Dealing with change and loss
6. We cope

29 Jan 2019 09:30 - 12:30

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29 Jan 2019 09:30 - 12:30


Meadow House Littleworth Mansfield NG182TB


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