Coping with Risky Behaviours (CRB Training)

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Coping with Risky Behaviours Training


Nottinghamshire County Council, through Education, Standards and Inclusion Services, has developed a training programme designed to help staff in schools and associated services manage the risks associated with the challenging behaviours of young people.
The County Council recognises that at times the behaviour presented by some children and young people can be challenging to the professionalism of teaching, non-teaching and support staff.  School staff can be faced with difficult and sensitive situations which, if handled well, can be a positive reinforcement of good behaviour and build trust and respect.
The County Council’s commitment to head teachers, managers and staff is clear.  We will work to provide the safest environments possible; we will support and enable you to reduce risk, violence and aggression in your place of work and we will provide you with training, guidance and advice to keep you safe.
In reference to the most recent Safeguarding and OFSTED advice, schools are now required to report on physical interventions and demonstrate how that reporting has impacted on practice.  It is strongly recommended that at least one member of the Schools Senior Leadership Team attends an initial CRB event so as to be properly informed as to the requirements and implications of the training for their school.  Schools and/or Services need to have in place a current Behaviour Policy that references the possible use of physical interventions in line with current legislation and guidance.


CRB Training In School

Like other forms of professional development, decisions about training in physical intervention are best made by individual schools in the light of their particular needs and circumstances. It is good practice for schools to set out their approach to relevant training in their policy on use of force. While key staff may be trained as a priority, most schools now consider that all staff has a responsibility for pupil behaviour.

Training includes ways of avoiding or defusing situations in which physical intervention might become necessary as well as practical advice and guidance on the use of physical intervention. This is particularly important for staff who work closely with pupils with SEN and/or disabilities associated with extreme behaviour.

Nottinghamshire County Council recommends that the CRB approach is used by all schools to ensure consistency through primary, secondary and special schools and also ensures continuity of support for young people and enhances staff mobility.
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